Condensation accounts for approximately 70% of reported damp problems in domestic settings. It is present when humidity levels are high and ventilation is inadequate or when warm air meets cold surfaces. Condensation is a common issue for many UK homeowners -particularly in the winter months- however Crystal Air Solutions can offer you simple solutions to solve the problem permanently.

What Are The Common Signs Of Condensation

-Water droplets or streaming on windows or walls.
-Pools of water on windowsills
-Black mould on windowsills, walls, curtains or tile grouting.
-Damp walls and peeling wallpaper
-Rotting, wooden window frames or black staining on UPVC frames
-Musty smells

Causes of Condensation

With the increased focus on energy efficient housing, most modern houses are fully insulated, double glazed, draft proofed with chimneys blocked off and include central heating systems. Although this creates better performing heating and insulation, it has also resulted in the great reduction of the effectiveness of natural ventilation. This in turn inhibits the natural airflow in properties, restricts moisture loss out of the property and results in an accumulation of stale, moist air. It is of course important that we have warm, energy efficient homes but it is also very important for our health and the health of our property that our buildings can breathe.

Moisture can easily build up in our homes through multiple daily activities- washing clothes and dishes, using a tumble drier, drying clothes over a rack or radiator, cooking, bathing, showering and simply even breathing. The moisture all builds up. However, these activities cannot be avoided and so our homes need to be well equipped with adequate ventilation to deal with excess moisture.

Problems Caused By Condensation 


Condensation can create structural decay when moisture becomes trapped within the structure. Timbers can become rotten, walls and metal structures can become corroded and nails can become loose. This can be extremely costly to repair or replace.

Risks To Health:

Black mould (caused by condensation) is a category A health hazard. Living with damp and mould can increase risks of respiratory problems, respiratory infections, asthma and allergies. Damp and toxic black mould spores can also have a very negative affect on your immune system are create allergic reactions.


Condensation and black mould can cause unsightly staining to walls and furnishings, damp patches, peeling wallpaper and paint, and rot. Living in an deteriorating and visibly unhealthy surroundings can have a negative impact on mental health and social wellbeing.

Energy Efficiency Impacted:

When moisture becomes trapped and saturates insulation materials, this can reduce the thermal performance of the insulation.



Crystal Air Solutions can offer simple solutions to remove moisture from properties and stop condensation and damp forming. When it comes to combating damp and condensation, good ventilation is key!

Our ventilation systems:

-Remove humidity from the property’s air, preventing mould growth and also controlling dust-mite allergens.

-Improves indoor air quality – indoor pollutants from cooking and cleaning are removed while outdoor pollutants are filtered out.

-Have a low energy consumption.

-Are easy to install and are very low maintenance.

-Minimises loss of heat from the property.

-Creates an adequate air flow and helps to maintain a good temperature in the property-to avoid conditions that would create condensation.

-Reduces the need for dehumidifiers.

-Suitable for all different sizes of properties.


How Can Crystal Air Solutions help you?

If you need help to eliminate condensation and black mould from your property,

give us a call on 0121 5142178

and we will talk you through our solutions to meet your individual needs.




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