Best Air Purifier for dental surgeries and offices. We have one of the largest ranges of air purifiers in the UK. If you are a dentist looking to increase your properties air flow then we have the best air purifiers for you. Below we have a small list of some of the best plug and play air purifier which we have in stock.
We have the brand new Max Vac Medi 8Max vac Medi 8 that not only offers UVC but also has Hepa filters so you can get the best of both worlds.
We also have the Viralair which has 5 large UV-C bulbs and incorporates powerful air sterilization. This is ideal for both dental sugeries and office spaces with its massive 800m3/hour air change.
The Woodpecker air purifiers are perfect for dentists looking to get a high air change- to protect themselves and their patients.
Finally, the Winix Zero Pro is a small unit that really packs a punch with a 5 stage filtration. It includes true Hepa filters and Winix. It uses its very own plazmawave technology and this machine is fantastic value for money.
If you need any help or are just looking for some advice on your indoor air, then please feel free to drop us a message.

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